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Taunya Dressler

College of Humanities

Dr. Taunya Dressler is the Assistant Dean for the
College of Humanities and has been instrumental in achieving the strategic goal to promote student success. She routinely goes above and beyond to help college advisors take advantage of professional development opportunities. She successfully implemented changes to the orientation program and has brought new life to the Humanities Scholars Program. One faculty member wrote, “Taunya is not only one of the most intelligent and organized people at the university, she is also a women of great compassion and energy.”

Kerry Jacques Magiske

Excercise and Sports Science

Dr. Kerry Jacques Magiske served as a professor for the Department of Exercise and Sport Science (ESS) at the time of her nomination. She has since moved to the University ospital. Current students and alumni agree that her love of ESS subjects is evident in the way she lights up the room as soon as class begins. Her energy and passion for the ESS allows her to push each student to strive for the best, taking an interest in each student’s success and going above and beyond to create relationships with all of her students.

David H. Temme

College of Science

Dr. David Temme is a Professor in the Department
of Biology. His passion for teaching allows students to develop critical thinking and problem solving skills to be applied to every aspect of their life. One student stated, “He is an advocate of education and wants his students to be stretch in ways that will help them in the future. His mentoring and passion for education is some-thing that I feel is very significant and is something that deserves to be recog-nized. “

The Human Factors Certificate

In September of 2005, Dr. Frank Drews began offering students an opportunity to earn a certificate in human factors as part of their undergraduate degree. The certificate has greatly impacted job placement for students with bachelor degrees while bringing together faculty from many
departments on campus to help train students on the principles of human factors, promoting many faculty collaborations that did not exist prior to its inception. This program, and Dr. Drews for creating it, are the perfect example of a Beacon of Excellence.

John R. Park Debate Society

The John R. Park Debate Society is one of the oldest debate societies in public higher education. It was established by the first President of the University of Utah and they accept anyone who shows an interest and initiative to join. One student expressed, “This program has changed my life and given me a sense of purpose in college by providing a structure and supportive environment that keeps me motivated in school and community events. I have personally learned team building, competing with respect and distinction, as well as a true passion for community involvement.”

Mestizo Arts & Activism Collective

The Mestizo Arts & Activism (MAA) Collective is a University partnership that is in its 10th year. The MAA Collective fosters youth resistance through research and leadership skills, increases graduation rates and socially engages the young people of our community. The 10th year is a monumental accomplishment and is due to the zealous commitment and collaboration amongst intergenerational participants including University of Utah undergraduate and graduate students, faculty from the College of Education, other university and campus partners, local artists and of course the high school students.


Last Updated: 5/25/21